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Warcry: Sylvaneth Cards

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GW 2645
Add Sylvaneth to your games of Warcry
Master new tactics and deadly abilities
Includes rules for Dryads, Spite-Revenants, Tree-Revenants and Kurnoth Hunters
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The children of Alarielle have arrived to seek revenge for the rampant despoiling of the Mortal Realms. They're not driven by glory or conquest, but rather bitter hatred for those who would destroy their natural homes.

Unleash nature’s fury with this card pack! Combined with the Core Rules and your miniatures, this set allows you to summon the spirit of the forests to fight in skirmish battles. An abilities card lets you use deadly in-game tactics and powers, while a set of 12 fighter cards provide profiles for two types of Dryads, two types of Spite-Revenants, two types of Tree-Revenants and six types of Kurnoth Hunters.

This set contains an abilities card in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, as well as two divider cards to keep track of tokens that apply to fighters in game. Please note that a copy of the Warcry Core Book is needed to use this set.

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