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Ossiarch Bonereapers Mortisan Soulmason

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GW 2449
A Wizard for the Ossiarch Bonereapers
Increase the accuracy of friendly units
Use the arcane powers flowing through the Mortek throne
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Captive souls are fodder for the most gifted of the Mortisan spirit-crafters. Borne to war upon thrones of bodily remains with their own vicious animus, the Soulmasons focus the animating energies of necromancy into their Bonereaper creations.

Mortisan Soulmasons are an excellent supporting unit in Ossiarch Bonereapers armies, ensuring your units hit home with nifty magical powers. If you're looking to ensure a battery or Mortek Crawlers hit their mark, or your Necropolis Stalkers shred even the most evasive foes, you'll want to grab one or two of them! 

This 18-part plastic kit makes one Mortisan Soulmason and is supplied with a 40mm Citadel round base.

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