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Ogor Mawtribes Great Mawpot

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GW 2433
Make magic easier for your Ogor Wizards
Heal your units with your latest culinary delight
Add ogor-themed terrain to your battlefield
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Crafted from the melted-down weapons of defeated enemies and blessed with the strange, hungry essence of the Gulping God, the Great Mawpot is a Mawtribe's most sacred possession. All manner of gruesome ingredients are thrown into this metal cauldron and boiled up into a thick magical broth that reinvigorates any ogors who taste it.

This piece of terrain brings a number of benefits to an Ogor army. Any enemy models slain nearby can be thrown into the pot and cooked into a restorative broth that heals Mawtribe units. It's also a vessel of the Gulping God, helping your nearby Wizards when they cast or attempt to unbind spells.

This 23-piece plastic kit makes one Great Mawpot.

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