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Citadel Colour Spray Stick

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GW 2460
Attach your models to the stick for spraying basecoats
Holds bases up to 65mm firmly from any angle
Serious engineering to solve serious problems
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Just when you thought you had basecoating all figured out, our engineering wizards have devised the best way to do it yet. This is the sort of innovation you didn't know you needed until now. It may look like a goofy stick, but the pegs allow you to stretch elastic bands in different ways to hold miniatures securely whilst you work all the angles to get the paint where it needs to be.

A detachable handle allows you to get right in there with your hands for maximum control, or keep them out of the way to avoid having to explain why your thumb is blue. 50 elastic bands are included in this set to get you started. The flexible configuration will hold bases from 25mm all the way up to 65mm.

Welcome to the future of basecoating.

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