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Blood Bowl: Lizardmen Pitch & Dugouts

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Double-sided Lizardmen temple pitch with matching dugouts
Dormant and awakened themes with unique rules
Exotic and unique New World aesthetic
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The jungles of the New World are riddled with the remains of ancient temples, built by the Lizardmen in service to their Slann masters. This reversible Blood Bowl pitch features one such ruin, in two different states. On one, the temple lies dormant, the flora and fauna of the rainforest threatening to reclaim it. On the other side, the temple has been pressed into new service by the Lizardmen, with fresh glyphs and blazing pyres.

You’ll also find a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Each dugout features a score tracker, boxes for Reserves, Knocked Out and Serious Injury, plus goal and re-roll trackers. Rules to use each side of the pitch are included for easy reference.

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