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A/Imperialis: Ork Air Waaagh! Dakkajets

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6 plastic Ork Air Waaagh! Dakkajets for games of Aeronautica Imperialis
Swarming fighters of the Ork Air Waaagh!
Includes Aeronautica Imperialis bases and transfer sheet
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Among the smallest and most numerous of Ork aircraft, the Dakkajet is built for speed and firepower, capable of unleashing devastating hails of buffets from its arsenal of quad big shootas.

If you're looking to overwhelm your opponent with wave after wave of Orks, just like how they fight on the ground, Dakkajets are the answer! Dakkajets are armed with quad big shootas and is perfect for hunting down enemy aircraft with massed firepower.

The set includes:

- 6x multipart plastic Ork Air Waaagh! Dakkajet miniatures (the kit also includes a selection of different nose cone, cockpit and tail designs, as well as rokkits and wing bombs to upgrade your miniatures with)
- 6x Aeronautica Imperialis bases (Each base designates the model’s front, rear and side arcs as well as speed and altitude dials. Each base also includes a clear stand to connect the aircraft to the base.)
- 1x Dakkajet transfer sheet

You will need a copy of the Aeronautica lmperialis: Wings of Vengeance boxed game or the Rynn's World Air War Campaign Book to use these miniatures.

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