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Simply put, its all about Tabletop Wargaming with a particular focus on Sci-Fi Wargamming.
The 4tk (For the Knowledge) Gaming site is dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience of all Wargaming & throughout the site you will find other items, references & techniques that can be used adapted to any type of Table top games. The 4Tk (for the knowledge) Gaming site main purpose is in demonstrating how flexible Wargaming can be & with a little knowledge your gaming experience can be even better.
This site is designed to bring together the best of Wargaming as its meant to be along with enhancing & growing the great community that it br

andy the boss

Andy Smith: The Boss (owner) of 4Tk Gaming which is a subsidiary of Distortion Group Limited.
Experience: 10 Years Retail Sales, 6 of them in management & 4 years multi-site management
Background: HND in Design & strong conceptual design portfolio
Gaming System Experience: Warhammer 40000 & Warmachine


Katie: Members Area Site developer & the Lady
Background: Its personal
Gaming System Experience: None



Phil: Committee Member  & 1st Ultimate Commander
Gaming Systems: 40K, Warmachine & Hordes, Gothic, Fantasy & Kings of War



James: Committee Member & Veteran Gaming Master
Experience: Games Workshop manager
Background: Its personal
Gaming System Experience: All Games Workshop Games, Warmachine, Hordes & Flames of War


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